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About us


Todd lost his grandfather, father and mother to STRESS RELATED ILLNESS & found himself on the same path.
 Setting big goals for himself as a young tradesman, Todd achieved a meteoric rise to a senior executive career that changed his life in so many ways. Believing he could do anything if he fully committed himself to it, Todd had not yet learnt half his lesson….. EVERY ACTION HAS A REACTION!
Losing track of what was really important, Todd had a NERVOUS BREAKDOWN, BURNING OUT in 2002 at the age of 36. Unable to function or do the simplest things, Todd had to rediscover himself, his family and most importantly understand… YOU HAVE NOTHING WITHOUT YOUR HEALTH!
Constantly offered medication for his condition Todd decided, “Bugger this I’ll learn the skills to help myself.”
Todd studied and practices
Sei Tai Exercise Therapy
Personal Training
Chinese Medicine
Shiatsu Yoga
Today Todd says,”Sure there are still stresses in my life but I know they’re not going to kill me, I’m HEALTHY and STRONG PHYSICALLY and EMOTIONALLY… I can work my way through it”.